I’ve never been more attracted to go to a man with a gun in his hands.

I did meet a fake geek girl once.

We were at school and she started to casually drop in that she liked comics/games/”geek stuff”, at the time I was wearing an iroman shirt. Deeper into the conversation i found that she didn’t know what I meant when I was referring to anything about the characters. When I questioned her about it a few days later she admitted that she had really just said it to get to know me better.

We ended up dating and while we were dating she got really into comics, DC especially, and found out that she really did enjoy the things she first said she did. I took her to her first convention. She met another guy there and ended up breaking up with me for him.

I went on to discover I was gay and fucked her brother.

Morel of the story. Comics lead to sex in the most unexpected ways.